Parallel Sessions 5

Wednesday, Jan 24th.  16:00 - 17:30

5A: Machine Learning and Networks

Aula 2A

Chair: Paolo Barucca

Sapling similarity: A bridge between machine learning and economic complexity

Effect of spatial correlations on hopfield neural network and dense associative memories

G-DynaDist: a distance for dynamic graphs

How accurate are neural approximations of complex network dynamics?

Mapping flows on complex networks with graph neural networks

‘Stealing fire or stacking knowledge’ by machine intelligence to model link prediction in complex networks

5B: Dynamics on and of Networks II

Aula 2B

Chair: Dario Mazzilli

Diversity of information pathways drives sparsity in real-world networks

Laplacian eigenmodes allow the categorization of edges in complex networks

A physically motivated topological classification of weighted bipartite graphs

Meta-reinforcement adds a second memory level to random walk dynamics

Network structure unveils factors impacting collective decision-making process that are irrelevant in well-mixed populations

A mathematically tractable model for information diffusion between communities

5C: Computational Social Sciences III

Aula 7B

Chair: Massimo Stella

Entropy-based detection of Twitter echo chambers

Recurring patterns in online social media interactions during highly engaging events

Toxicity in online political deliberation: YouTube during the 2020 US presidential elections

The evolution of the Italian infodemics on Twitter in the first three phases of pandemic management - a longitudinal multipartite network analysis

In news we trust? Assessing the relation between polarisation and disinformation

Political issue or public health: The vaccination debate on Twitter in Europe

5D: Earth Science and Climate Networks

Aula 8B

Chair: Gian Marco Palamara

Power grid structure in energy transition

Transport Inequality in the Built Environment

Cascading transitions and amplification of perturbations due to moisture recycling networks of rainforest

An evolving network approach to assess compounding heat and dry extremes in Europe

Inferring carbon emissions from human mobility data

The impact of urbanization on CO2 emissions: Exploring pedestrian accessibility and city surface area