Parallel Sessions 1

Tuesday, Jan 23rd.  11:00 - 12:30

1A: Temporal and Spatial Networks

Aula Magna G. C.

Chair: Eugenio Valdano

Community aware temporal network generation

Bayesian time-windows inference for temporal networks

Towards probabilistic prediction of population flow through spatial-temporal denoising diffusion process

The never-ending network: evolutions in time-varying networks

Uncovering statistically significant graph evolution rules for analyzing temporal network

Robustness of extracting possessions from match events in professional football

1B: Economic and Financial Networks I

Meeting Room 1

Chair: Aurelio Patelli

Analysis of initial shocks effect on systemic risk

Adaptive shock compensation in the multi-layer network of global food production and trade

Pattern-detection in the global automotive industry: a manufacturer-supplier-product network analysis

Commodity-specific triads in the Dutch inter-industry production network

Supply chain due diligence risk assessment for the EU: A network approach

Credit risk amplification in a multilayer network of supply chain and interbank exposures

1C: Social Groups and Political Networks

Aula 3B

Chair: Laura Alessandretti

Narratives of war: Ukrainian memetic warfare on Twitter

Discovering the mesoscale for chains of conflict

Cognitive networks built from online rape narratives reveal link between passive voice usage and psychological distress

Growing antisemitic sentiments in a network of early Austrian alpinists

Using relational hyperevent models (RHEMs) to examine gendered team formation in the Soviet film production industry

Unveiling political dynamics: Network analysis of voting behavior in the Italian parliament

1D: Higher-Order Interactions I

Aula 10B

Chair: Giovanni Petri

Synergistic informational circuits in complex systems: gradients of O-information

High-order interactions as pairwise networks: An information dynamics approach

Co-present triads

The temporal dynamics of group interactions in higher-order social networks

Higher-order interactions reveal complex memory in temporal networks

Modelling Hypergraphs: the curse of dimensionality