Parallel Sessions 4

Wednesday, Jan 24th.  14:00 - 15:30

4A: Models of Complex Networks I

Aula 2A

Chair: Ofer Biham

Optimal transport in complex systems

Optimal transport with constraints: from mirror descent to classical mechanics

Innovation-exnovation dynamics on trees and trusses

Scaling in local to global condensation of wealth on sparse networks

Characterizing growth in decentralized socio-economic networks

Heterogeneity- and homophily-induced vulnerability of a p2p network formation model: the IOTA autopeering protocol

4B: Mobility and Urban Networks I

Aula 2B

Chair: Alessia Calafiore

Convexity fingerprints of urban street patterns

Assessing the vulnerability of empirical infrastructure networks to natural catastrophes

Detection of anomalous spatio-temporal patterns of app traffic in response to catastrophic events

How spatial proximity affects urban activities resilience: the case of COVID-19

Understanding neighborhood isolation in the United States with diversity and exposure

Symbolic machine learning to understand human mobility

4C: Social Networks and Opinion Dynamics I

Aula 7B

Chair: Daniele Vilone

Correlating open mindedness and network structure on a bounded confidence opinion dynamics model

Social influence maximization and minimization: A fairness-aware perspective

Similar Minds: Similarity-based influence in bounded confidence opinion dynamics

Spontaneous opinion swings in the voter model with latency

Filter Bubble effect in opinion dynamics models

Echo chamber dynamics from polarization and spreading mechanisms

4D: Network Neuroscience and Medicine I

Aula 8B

Chair: Andrea Brovelli

Liquidity of gene co-expression patterns across age, brain regions and diseases with complex heritability

Characterizing viral oncogenic features from protein-protein multilayer interaction networks

States of functional connectivity flow and their multiplex dynamics in human epilepsy and postictal aphasia

Multiplex networks and XAI approaches for early diagnosis of brain disorders

Probabilistic graph alignment applied to brain connectomes

Noise-cleaning the precision matrix of fMRI time series