Parallel Sessions 7

Thursday, Jan 25th.  14:00 - 15:30

7A: Models of Complex Networks II

Auditorium Santa Margherita

Chair: Andrea Tacchella

The giant component, articulation points and bredges in configuration model networks

Scale-invariant model for complex networks: A renormalization framework approach to random graphs

Ensemble reconstruction of the worldwide airport network

A faster degree-preserving rewiring algorithm for tuning assortativity values of complex networks [ONLINE TALK]

Zero-inflated network models: Modelling sparse multi-edge networks

Uncovering coordinated behavior and community structure via characteristic temporal correlations

7B: Mobility and Urban Networks II

Ca’ Dolfin - Aula Magna

Chair: Luca Pappalardo

Exploring the feasibility of the 15-minute city by equalising local accessibility

Explaining urban walkability through network and visual features

Inferring urban spatial dynamics through mobile phone traffic activity

Evolution of community networks and their relations to Points of Interest in urban areas

Time dynamics of income segregation at neighbourhood scale

Modeling gentrification as a dynamic spatio-temporal process

7C: Social Networks and Opinion Dynamics II

Ca’ Dolfin - Aula 1

Chair: Laura Hernandez

Formal structure, semiformal foci, and informal choice: Determinants of intraorganizational collaboration networks

Modelling the emergence of opinion misperceptions in online interactions

Drift diffusion model to understand misinformation sharing dynamic on networks

Echo chamber formation sharpened by priority users

The centre cannot hold: Online polarization and the paradox of network diversity

Emergence of polarization in coevolving networks [ONLINE TALK]

7D: Network Neuroscience and Medicine II

Ca’ Foscari - Aula Baratto

Chair: Loredana Bellantuono

Higher-order cortico-cortical synergistic interactions encode model update in goal-directed learning

Topological scaffolds outperform functional connectivity in brain fingerprinting

Measuring the ‘arrow of time’ of emergent higher order interactions in multivariate time-series with visibility networks

Higher-order functional connectivity

A higher-order interactions based analysis of the synergistic neural correlates of fluid intelligence

Higher-order biomarkers for epilepsy surgery: an extended neighbourhood perspective of brain networks