Parallel Sessions 3

Wednesday, Jan 24th.  11:00 - 12:30

3A: Network Embedding and Geometry

Aula 2A

Chair: Giona Casiraghi

Geometrical congruence, greedy navigability and myopic transfer in complex networks and brain connectomes

Unraveling the mesoscale organization induced by network-driven processes

Efficient hyperbolic embedding through dimensional annealing and Barnes--Hut approximation

Feature-enriched network geometry explains graph-structured data

Lattice-embedded network dynamical systems and symmetric convolutions

Cascading failures in spatial multiplex networks with long-range connections

3B: Economic and Financial Networks II

Aula 2B

Chair: Andrea Zaccaria

Optimal transport on economic complexity networks

Relatedness in economic complexity: A machine learning approach for country and firm-level analysis

Venture Capital Networks: who drags investments in startups?

Deciphering centralisation: An analysis of cliques across governance tokens

Revealing the link between corporate structure and tax avoidance using higher order Markov models

Spectral theory of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck reversible processes

3C: Computational Social Sciences II

Aula 7B

Chair: Yelena Mejova

Cross-platform impact of social media algorithmic adjustments on public discourse

Unequal networks: Understanding online and offline social connectedness

Mutually beneficial impact of social learning and algorithmic recommendations on cumulative culture

The effect of collaborative-filtering based recommendation algorithms on opinion diversity

Studying speed-accuracy trade-offs in best-of-n collective decision-making through heterogeneous mean-field modelling

The power of one win: Early career success and tournament prestige in tennis players’ trajectories

3D: Higher-Order Interactions II

Aula 8B

Chair: Federico Battiston

Structure and inference in annotated hypergraphs

Encapsulation structure and dynamics in hypergraphs

Hyper-core decomposition for structural and dynamical characterization of hypergraphs

Multistability, intermittency, and hybrid transitions in social contagion models on hypergraphs

Higher-order structures and dynamics on hypergraphs

Self-organization: From neural networks to multi-agent networked systems