Parallel Sessions 8

Thursday, Jan 25th.  16:00 - 17:30

8A: Network Tools and Multilayer Networks

Auditorium Santa Margherita

Chair: Antonio Longa

Hypergraphx: A library for higher-order network analysis

MultiViz: A gephi plugin for scalable visualization of multi-layer networks [ONLINE TALK]

A dynamic stochastic block model for multi-layer network

Multilayer edit distance

MuXTalk: Detecting and dissecting signaling crosstalk via multilayer networks [ONLINE TALK]

8B: Dynamics on and of Networks III

Ca’ Dolfin - Aula Magna

Chair: Deok-Sun Lee

Shortest-path percolation on networks [ONLINE TALK]

Shepherding in complex systems: A percolation based “herdability” condition

Robustness and resilience of complex networks

Phase transitions in network robustness

Optimising resilience indicators for biological complex systems

Quantifying the resilience of dynamic networks: From social groups to opioid distribution

8C: Science of Science

Ca’ Dolfin - Aula 1

Chair: Matteo Bruno

The journal space: The complexity of scientific article publishing

The concept of decentralization through time and disciplines: A quantitative exploration

Vaccine hesitancy: a comparative scientometric review on five licensed vaccines

Did the Arab Spring affect research power dynamics?

Unraveling the structure of knowledge: A comparative analysis of scientific and everyday concept networks

Comparing geographical biases in university rankings across disciplines, performance metrics, and years using network assortativity

8D: Network Epidemiology

Ca’ Foscari - Aula Baratto

Chair: Jelena Smiljanic

Networked peer influence on individuals' vaccine attitude

Vaccination strategies for COVID-19 in the Omicron era: A mathematical model analysis

Using a co-incidence network to summarise interaction patterns across geospatial areas

Modelling health information flows in event-based surveillance

Drivers and impact of the early silent invasion of SARS-CoV-2 Alpha

Indirect model predictive control on stochastic blockmodel SIR-networks