Lightning Session

Tuesday, Jan 23rd.  14:00 - 15:30

14:00:00 Federico Battiston

Do you have to go to the US to win an ERC?

14:07:30 Alessio Catanzaro

Towards a statistical mechanics description of scale-invariant random networks

14:15:00 Riccardo Muolo

Effects of higher-order interactions on the route to synchrony

14:22:30 Fumiko Ogushi

A simple model of collective edit activity on Wikipedia

14:30:00 Nicola Amoroso

Chemical space networks: a novel perspective for in silico toxicology

14:37:30 Alessandro Galeazzi

Beyond active engagement: The significance of lurkers in a polarized twitter debate

14:45:00 Suoyi Tan

Road to targeted intervention: lessons from the response to 2022 SARS-CoV-2 Omicron outbreak

14:52:30 Eugenio Valdano

Estimates of the reproduction ratio from epidemic surveillance may be biased in spatially structured populations

15:00:00 Asma Mesdour

Towards the building of a surveillance network for PPR-like diseases in Nigeria

15:07:30 Massimiliano Luca

Mixing individual and collective behaviours in mobility models

15:15:00 Luca Pappalardo

Mobility constraints in segregation models

15:22:30 Jacopo Moi

Public Green Areas accessibility: from centrality to dynamics